The Painted Wind

I can’t tell you how great a morning it has been. Last night I had the most brilliant idea just strike me for an upcoming wild west piece I’m planning for Designer Con, to go along with my wooden Saloon Girl series. So I began the day piecing things together and creating this character I had floating around my mind.

And while a rough draft so to speak of that little guy was drying in the California sun, I got back to work on a horse sculpture that I started at least two years ago. Earlier this week I finished the painting and mounting of the horseshoe. But I wasn’t quite sure how to complete the piece. As if over flowing with creativity, the final touches hit me. And I completed all the wire work and flourishes to call the horse ‘done’.

It’s definitely a different direction than my recent work but reminds me of where I first started when I began the art toy adventure. More abstract and original than simply painting a resin figure colorfully. I’m very excited to be back creating from scratch. It doesn’t mean the elephants, giraffes and dragons are all retired. But I’m absolutely going to make sure I don’t venture too far from this new energy that has reinvigorated me as an artist.

Here is The Painted Wind. It is not in the shop. And I’m not sure when it will be.

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