Next Boxer Angel batch

I started another batch of the boxer angel ornaments since I had supplies out. And I don’t want to wait till the last minute to try and do 50 at once. So here is a look at a few I did that will be releasing on October 16th in the Etsy shop.

I had a lot of people message about pre orders etc. And I just can’t accommodate that. However, if these all sell out in October, I will make another batch before the holidays. And if that batch sells out and there are people still desperate to have one, I will take individual orders so that everyone has a chance at getting one. Mind you individual order does not mean custom. I will not be taking custom color/style requests. But all ornaments can be personalized to include name/date/message.

If you will need one without wings, message me prior to October. I will post another preview of all ornaments entering the shop before October 16th so that you can keep track of which number(s) you want.

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