“Funeral Arrangement”

“Funeral Arrangement” 5×5 ink and watercolor on board

The Uvalde shooting hit me hard. I have a kid and anything involving children being hurt or dying just wrecks me. And being from a law enforcement background, hearing the police waited in the hallway for as long as they did…it was a lot to process. I think I’ve been doubting a lot as an artist for months now but the last few weeks certainly felt like what is the f**king point? Honestly…

I create art to try and bring some beauty into the world and leave something behind. And it seems like what we care about most at this given moment as a people, is ourselves. And guns. There’s this side and there’s that side and no one can find a middle ground or just the ability to understand and love. So here I am painting and creating and we’re all just angry and upset. I know I am. I’m pissed the Supreme Court overturned Roe. I’m pissed people hear gun control and think it means all guns are being taken away. I’m pissed the Republicans keep saying thoughts and prayers and the Democrats just keep saying vote. I’m pissed we can’t just let gay people marry. And trans people just be. I’m pissed our leaders do nothing but talk and plot their re-election.

“Funeral Arrangement” is all that anger on top of all the beauty I know is still here. Riddled in bullet holes.

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