More Bathtime Boxers

Finished these guys today. One will be headed to a rescue fundraiser on the east coast. And the other will be part of the shop update on September 21st.

I know I’m doing at least one more for the shop update that will be for the white boxer lovers out there.

Custom commissions for these are absolutely closed. I’m not doing any. The ONLY WAY to get a custom version painted like your own boxer is to participate in our current fundraiser for R&R Boxer Rescue.

All you got to do to enter, donate to R&R Boxer Rescue via PayPal at

If you don’t have PayPal go to their page and donate there. Send me a screenshot letting me know how much. We will draw a winner in a week.
1 ticket -$5
7 tickets- $25
13 tickets-$50
50 tickets- $100

All money raised goes to the rescue. And remember, sharing our post gets you a FREE entry into the drawing. So please share away. We want to help the rescue with all their medical expenses.

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