Buckner’s Extravaganza Shop Update Preview

The shop will be updated at 8am California time on September 21st. While money raised in the auction goes to Tyson’s Wonder Wheels for Boxers, the money raised from shop sales of boxer items is what I set aside to fund my rescue projects for the following year. The better the shop does, in effect the more I can help rescues in 2023.

There will be two of these large rainbow boxer angel boxes. Good for holding trinkets, pictures, etc.

Size: Size is about: 12in x 8in x 4.5in $125
Size: Size is about: 9.5inx6.5inx3.5in $85

The last few copies of my book Smoosh Face will be available. I added a custom option that will allow you to get a copy with an illustration of your boxer dog.

There will be four different Bathtime Boxers with rubber ducky. These are each 4in x 4in x 2in and they are $185 each. They come gift boxed with extra bubbles.

There will be some cropped ear mini boxer angels. These are all male and about 3-4 inches size wise. Two will have the red, white and blue with stars and three will have the copper, black, white and gold drip scheme. Each features a uniquely painted mask. They will run $125 a piece.

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