One More Fundraiser…

So here I am packing orders and the ornaments almost sold out. I’m feeling very blessed and just happy to see my work off to so many homes…and then I get on here I see so many rescues in need of funds. And I’ve decided I need to do ONE MORE RESCUE PIECE. And we’re going to have fun with this one. Here’s the deal:
I’ve been doing the rescue artwork fundraising for 8 years now. Started in 2014 officially and raised $1580.00 (this year we raised $17,238.60 so don’t laugh, we got better at it). The question is: how much have we raised in all the years so far?
So here’s the deal, I will make a custom Christmas scene with custom boxer, tree, presents etc for the person who guesses the closest without going over. To officially guess however, you need to donate $25 to Charlie’s Foundation . Why them? Because they rescue seniors and I love me some sugar faces. You can PayPal them or Venmo @charliesfoundation. You can guess multiple times. But each guess costs you $25. Please comment on our Facebook post your amount. Fundraiser runs till December 12th at noon PST. Again the prize is a custom holiday scene (I can do a Jewish version too). Any questions just message me. The only hint I’ll give is we haven’t surpass $100,000…

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