Vacation/Hiatus has begun…

My vacation/hiatus has officially begun. I’ve been saying for a while that I need and want to take some off. That didn’t stop the requests from coming in but I finally reached a point where the bulk of things is finished. So I am on break. No commissions. This includes rescues. My calendar is in a standby mode meaning I’m not scheduling anyone. Just adding rescues to a list in the order I receive them.

The shop will go into vacation mode in the meantime. I plan to spend some time with Management and my son. I want to lose some of this covid weight I put on, get healthy physically and mentally, for my family.

I am also looking to re-work my business a bit. Get back into writing. I will keep doing the boxer rescue work. In fact that might be all I end up doing the first half of 2023. Long story short, my son has needs and my job as mom has to be the main focus for a bit.

I may occasionally post on social media. I appreciate all the love and support and look forward to being back at it. Eventually 🙂

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