Butterfly Boxer

After my first boxer Buckner passed in 2018, a close friend paid for me to get a reading from an animal communicator. I was skeptical going in but it was already set up so I figured why not. The woman had me send her five questions that she would ask Buckner. I’m not going to share those with you. But I will say that the whole experience left me very at peace. I was pregnant, which was a huge shock, and still very much mourning the loss of Buck. There was so much stress and chaos those first few months after he passed. But what I got out of that moment for the first time was this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be ok.

One thing I will share with you is the animal communicator said she could see Buckner with butterflies. I do have memories of Buckner with butterflies. All involving him chasing them. Even when his DM took his legs he would try to drag himself around the backyard to bark at butterflies in the flower beds. Years later now whenever I see a butterfly I think of him. And I smile. And I get a little choked up missing him.

So this piece is my way of trying to capture those moments that crop up throughout the day of our beloved boxers that have passed. We all have some little thing or several that remind us suddenly of our dog. For me its butterflies with Buckner. Or tortillas on the countertop in the kitchen because he use to always try to steal them. Or a chewed up pair of Raybans I refuse to get rid of because it reminds me of when he was a mischievous puppy. Or the tattered hoodie with cut off sleeves he wore at lacrosse practice when it was cold that will never fit me again no matter how much I say I’ll lose weight. You get the idea 😉

This one of kind boxer features a black mask with some frosty senior sugar. It will be in the esty shop for my next drop on March 1st. I will have this piece, along with some other boxer figures and new dragons. I am trying to make up for the ER bill from the Intern’s visit on Superbowl Sunday morning. So this isn’t me back to work but more doing what I need to in supporting my family.

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