Custom Boxes Returning?

Having a shop update but saying commissions are closed has some people confused and I’m getting messages about customs. Particularly custom boxes and if/when they will come back. So I am still considering myself on hiatus for time with family. But if you follow our Facebook page you may have seen our post about the ER visit the Intern had to take (a bad case of croup, but he’s all good now).

I decided to have a shop update to offset expenses from that emergency room bill and the expenses I am coming across for my son’s ASD interventions. I do have health insurance but of course, not everything is covered. So this update is to help all that. In terms of commissions, they are still closed. You can always message me with your project idea and when I have the time available, I can contact you. And in some cases I can also refer you to maybe another artist who can get the project done immediately.

As for custom boxes….they take a lot of time and require a lot of extra preparations because of the heavy smoke involved. Before I had a kid, I could walk around smelling intensely of smoke all day and work on different phases of multiple boxes. But now that my only free time is when my son naps, I don’t have that luxury. I have to be able to really decontaminate before I am around him. So if I open up boxes again, it will be when he is on a vacation with his grandparents. My recommendation is if you are set on wanting a custom box, message me to get on a list so that when it opens you are covered. And be prepared with the pictures you want on the box. And follow our facebook page because the announcement will be made there (as well as here).

I will continue to help rescues throughout the year hiatus or not. I’ve found it is hard to say no and just helps my soul to do the work. For now we have a current fundraiser for Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue (check a few posts back for the details). Item being raffled is a custom ornaments box with four boxer angel ornaments. That ends this Sunday evening. A statue has been painted and set aside for Across America Boxer Rescue and I’ll post details on that when I have them. But that is all that’s officially on the schedule till Buckner’s Extravaganza in September. Things are just going to pop up between now and then I’m sure and I’ll share plenty of pictures on social media as rescue artwork is created.

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