Back To Hiatus

The shop update on March 1st was a huge success! I sold out of almost everything new save for the Penguin Love painting and Springtime Dragons. This littler financial boost will allow me to go back to hiatus stress free. Most people don’t know but my son was diagnosed with ASD last year. I’ve spent all my time trying to learn as much as I can about autism and sensory processing disorder so as to better help him with all the early intervention. He’s made huge progress in communication thanks to speech therapy and I want to continue this sense of momentum and success.

So no plans for work at all the next couple months at least. And rescue fundraising will be a case by case basis until the big event in September. I appreciate all the support and purchases these last couple weeks that allow me to step away from work to focus on momming both my son and our frosty face senior, Kona.

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