Custom Options In the Shop

Between my shed flooding, my car not starting and needing another one and the early interventions for my son’s autism I really can’t afford to be on a break anymore. I’m not complaining by any means. I know things can be much worse and I’m grateful for the life I lead. But that said, I have opened up the shop again. You’ll notice a lot of artwork gone unfortunately but the custom options are open. And commissions are open again for those that don’t see exactly what they are looking for.

For those looking for Mother’s day gifts, customs are going to take 4-8 weeks at this time because of everything else on my plate. So please let me know if you need something by a specific date asap.

I’ll be posting some one off items as the week goes. And custom paintings will be an option in the shop soon. But if you want one now just message to talk details. link to the shop in the comments

You can message me on social media or just email me at

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