Custom Painting Option

Custom painting option on wood flats: I have three of option 1, five in option 2 and two in option 3. For custom boxer painting in either rainbow style (example pictured) or authentic style (example like your dog). $85 each includes shipping. If you need it by mother’s day please message. Any other breed besides boxer message. To purchase message or comment. Payment will be either PayPal or Venmo. Or email me at

2 thoughts on “Custom Painting Option

  1. I love this
    Great blog post about your custom painting options! Your pricing seems reasonable and I love the fact that you can do custom painting in different styles. I was wondering, are there any other breeds besides Boxer that you can paint? Looking forward to your response.
    Anette Walsh

    1. Hey there! Thank you. Yes I can do other breeds but, my specialty is boxers. And if you have a long hair breed, and you’re looking for something like a realistic portrait, I recommend another artist. I can happily get you her info if you like.

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