By 5149acp

What’s on the Table

I’m not an artist who is in love with any one medium. People tell me all the time from a business standpoint it would be better if I focused my work more and carved out more of a style/niche/brand. Instead of jumping around from paintings, toys, boxers, etc.

But there is NO WAY I could ever work like that. I just love creating. So my table will always be a hodge podge of whatnot.

So what’s on the table?

I’m customizing a couple different dragons. The teal one in the first panel I’m waiting for inspiration to strike on his paint job. And the black one in headphones is primed and ready for some color and a Love mix tape (showing my age there I know).

The white boxer sketch is part of an All White boxer fundraising event we will be doing in April to raise money for a deaf dog rescue.

Got a shark themed watercolor I’m finishing details on. A blue bird with cherry blossoms that’s going to get a bit of bling and sparkle.

And I’m finally pulling out a couple of the big Boxer statues I’ve painted up in the past to try something new. All the people who regularly participate in our rescue fundraising raffles will get first crack at purchasing one of these when they are finally finished.

So stay tuned for more looks at these pieces plus whatever else happens to spark my attention 🙂

Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020…

This old picture of Management from 2014 popped up in my feed today. And the timing seems perfect…

As we approach 2020, and get set to plot our rescue projects for the upcoming year, I like to look back and see how our fundraising efforts for 2019 did. In 2019, we helped raise $6243.43 for 8 different boxer rescues, 1 pitbull rescue and 1 all dog breed rescue. That’s just what we can calculate (Some of our donations we didn’t hear back from the rescue how they did, or the donation was used as an enticement to get donations so it’s hard to put a number on what actually came in because of the item).

Most importantly, this continues our tradition of surpassing the previous years totals.

Thank you everyone who has purchased my work. Without people buying my art, I wouldn’t be able to contribute my work, my time, etc. The better my business does, the more I’m able to do to help rescues. Which has been the goal from the beginning and it’s why my boxer boy is the logo for 5149 & 1/2 Art. We’re all about the dogs here.

I’m excited to see what 2020 brings 🐾

Tea Time Rhino

The last Tea Time Rhino “Earl” is available at Gallery 1202 for $68. They are offering free shipping. Check out their website to purchase. You’ll find exclusive pieces of mine not available elsewhere. Along with some really unique work from other artists.