By 5149acp

“Tragic” 12×12

I’m uncomfortably, hugely pregnant and ready to pop at any given moment. Trying to get as much sleep as I can and just not do much but it’s tough. Painting and listening to music is the only relaxing activity I can stand at the moment.

So here is my latest painting. In this recent style I’m not able to explain quite where it comes from…

I’ll put this up in the shop, which will re-open once things settle down. If you want to call dibs now, just email and I can get it shipped out.

“Bitch!” 10×20

I’m 14 days away from giving birth and my plan was to relax and just try to rest up. But sometimes I can’t overcome the urge to paint. This one definitely came from a place of anger.

Feeling used and discarded and needing to take some of that power back for myself.

It is 10×20 acrylic and ink on canvas. It will be in the shop when I’m back from maternity leave.


“Pop!” 12×16
“Paint Splattered Overall” 12×16
“Streamers in the Wind” 12×12

Added several new paintings to the gallery. These will be available in the shop as soon as I return from maternity leave. Along with the few Public Enemies bootleggers left from the Toy Makers of Planet Earth show at Stranger Factory gallery. Feel free to message if you want to claim any of these pieces now.

Clyde 1

Unicorn Pittie

I customized my first Danger Dog pitbull by Tenacious Toys. Absolutely love this platform and look forward to painting up a few more in the future.

This guy is a hand painted resin one of one figure, featuring rainbow swirls on a midnight blue pittie. With brass unicorn horn and wings.

He is in my Etsy shop now!

The Raffle Results Are In

So exactly two years ago this weekend we found out our sweet boy Buckner, the very first Management of this company, had DM. We gave him the absolute best life we could as he went through the process of that horrible disease, until he passed in July of 2018. A month later, I found out I was pregnant.

To say it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion would be an understatement. Through it all, we’ve tried to stay true to our mission of helping rescue boxers through art. And while there was a slow down as we grieved, Mookie and I are finally back and ready to help boxers in a big way….

The raffle for the My Heart Belongs to Rescue Boxers piece officially raised $1131.92 for Legacy Boxer Rescue.

The winner is L. Ehler! Congratulations and thank you everyone who participated.