WIP Tuesday

I know. I know. It’s Tuesday. Not Wednesday. But I had a very productive day so here is an early peek at some work in progress.

The stormtrooper helmet is one of the smaller size 5inchers. I will make it available along with at least one other (hoping two others) closer to May the 4th.

A look at some Peanut elephants. Five total. Most likely holding back for Designer Con.

And finally one Niles and two Daphne giraffes. That will also be held back for Dcon. I feel like my booth theme this year will be Zoo.

Beauty In the Storm

“Beauty In the Storm” 12×12 acrylic, ink and gold foil.

Not sure when this one will end up in the shop. I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past several weeks. Not just momming stuff either. I can’t seem to shut off my brain. But it’s in this exhaustive fog that I tend to create my best work. I’m not thinking at all about colors, what I want it to look like, or even letting those rare moments of doubt creep in… I’m. Just. Painting. Feeling it as I go. No idea on an outcome. The best muse it turns out lurks in my heart. Not in my head.

Lucky Boxer

We haven’t had a Management Monday in forever! So I think we are overdue. We’re going to auction off this lone Lucky Boxer on Monday starting when I wake. And ending at 6pm PST. Bidding will occur on our Facebook page. And wings can be added if that is something the winner would like.