Aurora Northern Lights

My obsession with the northern lights and polar bears continues with this one of kind wood sculpture. This piece took almost a year to complete and see the final visual in my head of what I wanted it to look like in the end. I’m really smitten with the way it turned out. It’s in the shop now. I will be doing a big shop update here soon and making an announcement on Designer Con in the next week or so.

“Funeral Arrangement”

“Funeral Arrangement” 5×5 ink and watercolor on board

The Uvalde shooting hit me hard. I have a kid and anything involving children being hurt or dying just wrecks me. And being from a law enforcement background, hearing the police waited in the hallway for as long as they did…it was a lot to process. I think I’ve been doubting a lot as an artist for months now but the last few weeks certainly felt like what is the f**king point? Honestly…

I create art to try and bring some beauty into the world and leave something behind. And it seems like what we care about most at this given moment as a people, is ourselves. And guns. There’s this side and there’s that side and no one can find a middle ground or just the ability to understand and love. So here I am painting and creating and we’re all just angry and upset. I know I am. I’m pissed the Supreme Court overturned Roe. I’m pissed people hear gun control and think it means all guns are being taken away. I’m pissed the Republicans keep saying thoughts and prayers and the Democrats just keep saying vote. I’m pissed we can’t just let gay people marry. And trans people just be. I’m pissed our leaders do nothing but talk and plot their re-election.

“Funeral Arrangement” is all that anger on top of all the beauty I know is still here. Riddled in bullet holes.

The Flamingo

Well she doesn’t feel totally finished yet. I want to do some detailing on the face for sure. And I go back and forth on whether I like how simple the bottom half is. But it was a nice diversion delving into this piece for several hours after spending what seems like the last few months completely focused on dog related projects.

It is time to start working on the pieces that will be at my Designer Con booth later this year. My 2019 showing wasn’t all that great. And I felt like the work reflected how distracted I was in my life. After two years of not going thanks to covid, I want to really have a strong showing. I don’t care about the sales. I just want to feel like the work represents my best. This piece feels like I’m headed in the right direction

The Carolina Boxer Rescue Raffle

We made this 6 inch ceramic beauty to help with the medical bills at Carolina Boxer Rescue. If you’ve been following me for any length of time now, you know I rarely do the more natural colors. I wanted to make this extra special. CBR is running all the details of the fundraiser so I can continue to work on projects for more rescues.

Here’s how to enter the raffle and we cannot stress the importance of following these steps:

1. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 6 tickets for $20 – buy as many as you want.

2. Payment is accepted via PayPal (@savethenubs) or Venmo (@carolinaboxer)

3. In the notes section, please enter “5149 raffle” AND your phone number.

4. Please send a screen shot of your payment to This is a double-check measure on our part to make sure a payment isn’t missed, please don’t forget to do it.

5. If one person is submitting the payment but another person with a different name is sending the screen shot, please let us know the name the payment is under in your email.

6. If you forget any of the steps above, don’t freak out – just email the address above and we’ll get it figured out.

7. If you have any questions at all, please email the address above.

The raffle will run from today through midnight on June 1st. The winner will be drawn on June 2nd.

Artist Boxers Fundraiser

Our next fundraiser will be supporting the Team Leo Animal Rescue (or @Leopuppymillsurvivor as they are known on social media. Give em a follow). They only take in senior and wheelchair bound dogs. Initially, we promised these figures to Charlies Foundation and R&R Boxer Rescue. But both rescues requested we help Team Leo first (even those those rescues have some medical bills piling up). So that tells me Team Leo Animal Rescue is run by someone pretty incredible and the work being done is important.

Here are the details


This fundraiser is for the donation contest involving ONE of the pictured Artist Boxers. There is a brindle version and a white boxer version. When you donate, please specify which one you want. The winners will get to have a custom painting done on the blank canvas of whatever they choose (maybe a portrait of their own boxer, a still life of dog treats, etc).


Raffle starts now April 24th and ends Sunday May 1st at 6pm PST. Winner will be announced by Wednesday May 3rd at Noon PST on our Facebook page.

How do I do the drawing? There is two buckets: one for the brindle and one for the white. Each donation ticket will be entered into the respective bucket. On the morning of May 2nd after mixing, shaking, etc each bucket thoroughly, I pull one ticket out, and I will announce the winner on our facebook page. There is no limit on how many tickets you can buy. Winners outside the United States will be responsible for shipping. All money gathered from this fundraiser will go to Team Leo Animal Rescue. I DO NOT make any money off this. Now for the details:

Each figure itself is made of resin and stands about 3 inches tall. They have tiny wooden paint brushes in their jowels. Handpainted one of a kind. There is a brindle and white boxer to choose from.

I DO NOT plan on selling these in the shop.

As an added bonus, R&R Boxer Rescue is offering a special gift to anyone who buys 5 or more tickets. A choice of a boxer dog or Maude lavendar sachet.

Tickets can be purchased by donating via PayPal to Team Leo Animal Rescue at:

1 ticket= $5

5 tickets= $20

7 tickets= $25

13 tickets = $50

50 tickets = $100

Make sure after you send your donation, to message our Facebook page or Instagram with a screenshot of the amount so I enter your tickets. Please include if you want the brindle or the white boxer. If you do not have Paypal but still want to participate, message me. Any questions please ask before donating. You can message us directly on Facebook.

Queen Bee Pitties

I’ve been working on a lot of projects in preparation for my “big” show in November called Designer Con (in Anaheim). I wanted to just get a whole bunch of stuff done so I wasn’t stressed in October and then decide what the best would be for the show.

I’m doing two of these Queen Bee Pitties. I don’t think I need two to go to the show. I think one could be a great rescue fundraising piece.

Once I find the rescue and have a fundraiser set, I’ll post details on our social media.