Designercon 2019 Exclusives preview

Coming back to Designercon this year for the 5th time! November 22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center. And once again sharing a booth with Mr. Mars Studios. As always, we are bringing the fire to booth #843. Here is a look at just some of what we have on tap.

Cherry Blossom Dragons edition of 18. Of course we have an awesome castle to show these guys off this year.

Banana Split Pit customized Danger Dog one off

Mars and I paired up for a series of Honeytrooper customized Stormtrooper helmets. Each one hand painted and unique. We have three of the smaller 5 inch helmets and 1 of the big 10 inch helmets. Mars will be bringing some custom shelving to display these guys as well.

Frosted Iridescent Charcoal Unicorn Pitties edition of 9. These customized Danger Dogs will come with cute packaging, adoption certificate and dog tag. I also have five one off Unicorn Pitties in various color combos coming as well.

Halloween Boxer Fun

Framing this guy up today for “Management Monday”. Bidding starts this Monday at 9am PST. Go to our Facebook page to get in on the fun. This is the one and only 11×14 I’ll be doing unless a rescue needs one for fundraising.

Unicorn Pitties

These three Unicorn Pitties are headed to Mayday Pitbull Advocacy and Rescue auction on November 1st. Find them on Facebook to get in on the action and support rescue dogs!

What’s on the table?!

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of my table in the studio. Immediately I got a bunch of messages from people asking what certain stuff was, or what i was going to do with an item they saw in the background or just in general people excited to see the working space.

So here is a collage of my working spaces today….

1. Future boxer pumpkin painting and pumpkin ornament that I need to start my sketches on.

2. Still finishing my large castle display for my dragons. You might also see some Mickey vinlymations. Those guys are getting the honey treatment for Designercon.

3. Polar bear project for my show in Hawaii early 2020.

4. Stormtrooper helmets in various stages of honey. The purple one has a galaxy space paint job on it.

5. Love, Eleanor Elephants in progress, Cherry Blossom dragons and a stack of Christmas ornaments that need painting. To snag an Eleanor ($60) or ornament ($25) before they go to the gallery, email me. The dragons are going to Designer Con. If you want on the wait list for one, email or message me.

6. Some Pooh Bears that are starting their Hunny baking process in the Cali sun. Some mini Eleanor’s behind them that will be headed to Designer Con. Wait lists for both are open. Good chance you can snag a mini ($35) before Dcon.

7. The cats you saw earlier. I doubt I’ll bring these to Dcon because I just like the idea of keeping the table all dogs with the Unicorn Pitties 😉 So message to grab one of these ($60) before I release them closer to Christmas. There is a Sally from Nightmare before Christmas mermaid in the works. And that skull in the dome is staying a surprise…

8. and 9. Some Unicorn Pitties in various stages of drying. Some of these are headed to a Pittie rescue for fundraising and some will be headed to Designer Con. Message or email to get in on the wait list. These are it for Unicorn Pitties. I can’t make anymore after this because the resin Pitbulls from Tenacious Toys are sold out.

Rainbow Boxer Angel Painting

Our first Management Monday auction went off without a hitch. Linda took home this 12×12 Rainbow Boxer Angel Painting.

A smaller version (5×7) will be available via custom order at $50 (includes US shipping).

Just message through social media, Etsy or email me directly at and I will send you an invoice.

Designer Con 2019….

Dcon 2019 is fast approaching. We are in booth 843 again, with the talented Mr. Mars Studios. Working hard to bring the color. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the toys in the works…