Muerte Azul


Muerte Azul

“to die would be an awfully big adventure…”

Muerte Azul is a wood, resin and mixed media one of one figure that comes in a glass display dome.

The head is burned, stained and hand painted wood with copper flamed hair. The body is blue translucent resin with splashes of black, aqua, and pastels. Running from hand to hand in bead and wire are tiny colored skulls with diamond eyes.

It is signed on the stand.

He is in the shop now!


Lucky “Shea”


Lucky Shea has arrived just in time to celebrate St. Paddy’s day!

His head is wooden. Burned, stained and abstract carved with hints of mint in the grooves, and flamed copper hair. His body is made of resin, handpainted translucent green with gold flakes. In his hands is orange wire work, with elaborate bead work and a studded four leaf clover charm. He comes on a blinged out wooden stand.

He stands about 4 inches tall. He is a one of one. Signed underneath the stand.

He in the toy shop now!

“Rainbow Tears In the Storm”

Just added this 12×12 abstract acrylic and ink canvas to the shop!  This painting has been several years in the making. Starting out as a simple smurf blue canvas with some splashes of color, before being set aside for a couple years before taking another crack at it. After layer upon layer of color, then topping it off with a thick deep blue vitrail spatter, it finally feels finished.




These gorgeous ladies are made of wood with Kokeshi doll styling in mind. Each is burned, stained and hand painted. Featuring a fox brooch on the face and vintage looking ornate jewel pendants as the ‘dress’.

Each one is signed and numbered underneath.

Size wise they are around 7 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.

Each comes with its own illustrated packaging, complete with the Vixen poem on old fashion parchment.

The one on the left (green) is the very first Vixen. It is only available through Martian Toys. 

The purple jeweled Vixen’s are in the shop.