“Lost” 12×24 canvas

lost 12x24 cu
“Lost” 12×24 $175


“Lost” is another of my recent paintings that came about as a result of my frustrations with Degenerative Myelopathy. My days since becoming an artist full-time have been spent mostly with my dogs. Walking them, playing with them, taking care of them, and in between sun bathing and naps, getting my artwork done.

Since Buck has really started showing the symptoms and progression of DM, things are a bit different. He communicates now by crying and/or barking. I have to figure out if he’s hungry, needs to go out, needs water, needs attention, needs adjustment on his bed because he’s uncomfortable, etc. If he has to go out, I can’t carry him (he’s 75lbs). I have to get his outdoor booties on, and lift his back-end like a wheelbarrow, manuever him out the door and walk him to his very favorite spot which is of course at the very back of the yard. I hold his back end while he poops so he can’t fall back in it like a turtle. And then we have to wheelbarrow it back inside, taking only a minor break when he goes under the backyard table (he always insists on a ‘rest break’ under the table where I can’t hold him).

When I need tips and tricks, I go on the DM facebook group page. Every day there is a new posting where someone has just put down their DM dog, or someone is asking for advice on how you know when is the right time, or someone is venting because they are struggling in all the little things. And they are tired. And they are sad….

But at the same time, every day is a new post of a dog getting his wheels and being happy again. New pictures of dogs that look like they are smiling despite the fact they can’t move. And owners just smitten they won a small battle that day and sharing with the rest of us so we know the secret.

As ugly as the disease is….as heart breaking as it is to watch not just the struggles of others but your very own heart and soul dog…it can also be beautiful. You see the lengths people will go for these wonderful animals…. The lengths you are willing to go (using a q tip to stimulate your dogs bowel movements) and you don’t question for a second that you would do the unimaginable, if it comes down to the happiness and comfort of your dog.

So “Lost” came out of that. A little beauty deep in the darkness. Out of everything that is being taken, the love is not lost.

You can find more pictures of this abstract acrylic and ink on 12×24 canvas in our etsy shop.




A twist on one of my favorite paintings, Rene Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’. The resin body is a translucent green and black with flecks of gold and splashes of mint and copper. His pear shaped wooden head is stained, wearing a miniature black bowler hat. He holds copper poles that juggle intricate green and gold wire, wrapped around bead work. A green apple missing a bite out of it dances at the very end.

He comes on a signed, color splashed wooden stand. He is about 3.5 inches tall.

I named him ‘Morrissey’ because he reminds me of The Smiths song “How Soon is Now?”

The Flamingo Catcher “Waves”

flamingo catcher waves

The Flamingo Catcher.


The Flamingo Catchers feature stained, burned and hand painted wooden heads. The hot pink and magenta bodies are colorfully painted to match. As well as the black wooden stands. The wire work is unique to each, but all have a flamingo trapped in a glass jar at the end.

This one takes its name from the whale and waves hidden in the blue and aqua wire work.

It stands 3 inches tall.

The Flamingo Catchers are an edition of 5, uniquely hand painted individual figures. This one is number 4.

This figure comes signed on the stand verifying that this is an original piece of art created by me.

You can find him in the toy shop!

Until We Meet Again….

angelwith text

My heart and soul went into creating this piece.

This figure came about completely by accident. I started with a very colorfully translucent, hand painted body on a matching wooden stand. I thought I would just add a wooden head like usual and go from there. But then I found a pair of angel wings and decided to see how it looked. And from that moment forward, I knew what I wanted to do.

I’m not much of a religious person. But I always loved the portrayal of Heaven in the tv series Dead Like Me though. How each person had their own version of Heaven. I wanted to capture that here.

The faceless angel wooden head serves as your portal to your very own heaven. A boxer angel waits patiently at your side, waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Intricate wire work colorfully dances around the figure and a bejeweled dog paw dangles like a beacon at one end.

I will admit, I couldn’t help but think of my own boxer boy making this. His struggles with degenerative myelopathy. Knowing at some point. it would be time to part…until we meet again.

He stands 3.5 inches tall and is about 6 inches wide. Comes on a matching wooden stand.

It is a one of one.

It is available in the toy shop now!

Sold, Vacation and News!


“Death & Art No.5” sold and is off to its new home in Texas. After I mail it out tomorrow, Monday July 3rd, the Etsy shop will go on vacation for a week. I’m taking management up to the mountains to avoid all the rukus of fireworks. As you can, he is already preparing himself for relaxing…


The Etsy shop will re-open on July 9th. The release of the Water Lilies series will still occur on July 6th in our toy shop! First come, first serve on these very unique hand painted figures.


Water Lilies


The Water Lilies series!

These one of a kind resin figures feature a different Monet inspired hand painted head with matching semi translucent bodies splashed in color. Each holds an intricately unique set of wire work, displaying dancing frogs all around. They stand 3 inches tall and come on signed wooden stands.

They will be released on July 6th at 10am PST.

You can find them in our toy shop!