Cookie from the Street

I FINALLY had a moment to myself last night. I finished all my customs. Packed all my orders. Did all the things that I HAD to do. And so I got a couple hours of free time to just create. And this happened…

These two will be part of my next shop update. I don’t know when that is but most likely since I won’t be attending Dcon this year after all, it will be around then.

Cut (245)

I came across a small box with some of my older pieces in a search to find a few Gentleman Jax figures to one off for Halloween season. This is one of the last pieces from my “Words Will Never Hurt Me” series.

Each figure had a different three letter word accompanied by a matching penal code. Cut (245) is assault with a deadly weapon. I re-touched the wire work and added a lot more color to the paint job and base. I also added some blood and details, like the tiny skull at the end of one of the scissors and some human hair.

He will go with me to the Art Market as well. And then end up in the etsy shop that evening if he doesn’t find a home.

Ozzie Koala

I got this Koala figure from a long time follower when she sent in some boxer figures to paint. She said she found the Koala and thought I could spruce it up. It has been on the table forever but finally, Ozzie is finished. He will make his debut at the next local Art Market on September 25th from 10a-2pm at 6th Street Studios. If he isn’t adopted that day, he will go in the etsy shop that evening.

Buckner’s Extravaganza preview

Buckner’s Extravaganza is named after my first boxer and my heart dog, Buckner. In honor of the dog that basically started this journey of using artwork to help boxer rescue fundraising, every year on his birthday I like to honor him with an EPIC etsy shop update of all things boxer. This year, we are excited to say we will also have an auction component. It isn’t big but we got a hnadful of talented artists to donate some unique boxer art items.

The etsy shop update is Septemeber 21st at 8AM California time. The auction portion will start at the same time on our facebook page. The auction ends September 26th at 8pm California time. All money raised from the auction will go to help rescue boxers at R & R Boxer Rescue.

Here is a preview of items that will be going into the etsy shop.

Two Metallic Gold and Rainbow drip boxers. They are 6inches tall. Made of resin. $175 each. And the only two I will be doing in 2021.

There will be wood boxer cutouts. Two that are cropped ears. They are 8 inches tall. $55 each

There will be handful of Rainbow boxer angel ornaments. I think 12-15 total. The ornaments have wings. The cutouts do not have wings. Trying to avoid people getting confused. The ornaments are $30 each. There will still be ornaments that come out on October 16th.

If you’ve been following me a while, you probably remember these Letter Bs. These are the minis at 7 inches tall. Made of galvanized metal. Only two available at $55 each.

I did five Happy Birthday Boxers. Each hand painted different rainbow colors. They are $75 each

I did six different versions of these wood decor pieces. They range from $55-$65

I only did one mini rainbow boxer angel. This one however is Blacklight Reactive. So it’s rainbow in regular light and glowing rainbow under blacklight. I have a great recommendation for a custom shelf to display this boy for whomever adopts him. He is $155

I did four boxer angel ornaments in blacklight as well. And two pitbulls that are not pictured. each $30

I only have a couple cropped ear boxer angel ornaments this roound. I should have ten plus available in october.

Honey Boxer $175

Cropped Ears rainbow angel $135

And finally I did some natural ear wood cutouts. They range in price from $45-$55 and I have a couple sitting and several standing. They do not come with mountings for hanging as many people have told me tons of different uses for these. Ranging from Christmas tree topper to wall hangings.