Behind the scenes of Management’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Buckner had a hell of a ten year birthday celebration today. Can’t thank everyone who came out enough for making this a special day for my boy. He was showered in love and affection. He had his own cake (which he shared with the other four legged friends in attendance). He still has some cake leftover for tomorrow too! Not to mention the gifts…. He made out like a bandit. And now as I write this, he is passed out right next to his sister on the bed, snoring away (not sure where I will sleep, as they have sufficiently taken up the entire Eastern king).

Some pictures from today:


Jack & Sally


Jack & Sally

The head is burned, carved and hand painted wood. The body is resin. Black with white stripes and a colorful abstract of purples, oranges and copper across the chest. Elaborate wire work of brightly colored Christmas lights dance from hand to hand. Intertwined is a polymer clay Zero (made by fellow artist Kristy at It’s Probably Magic). A tiny Sally holding a red heart is enshrined in a glass dome.

He stands 8 inches tall and is a one of one

He comes on a hand painted wooden stand, that is signed, verifying that this is an original piece of art created by me.

He’s available in the toy shop!

New York Comic Con

NYCC holds a special place in my heart. Back in early 2015 I had just quit my full time job as a 911 dispatcher. I purchased a booth for Designer Con occuring later that year. And I had only made two designer toys ever in my life. But I knew that was what I wanted to do. And I was willing to take the risk of pursuing it. No matter how crazy it sounded 🙂

So as I began to create pieces for DCon, I noticed a toy company post searching for new artists. I contacted them and next thing you know, I’m being asked to send some of my work for their booth at NYCC. It was just the confidence boost I needed to believe I could really do this.  (If you look in the archives for October 2015 you can see pictures from the trip and read more about that amazing experience). 

Here I am only a few years later, living my dream. And contributing once more a piece for the company that gave me a shot.

Using the platform by artist Bowobaghaskara, I came up with this piece titled “Schizophrenia”. If you follow my work already, you’ve no doubt noticed I do love bee’s and creating bee related artwork. 

I saw a description of schizophrenia that read: “felt like quiet bees in my head”. And this piece came out of that. Wanting to capture that busy but yet controlled mess inside ones head. A feeling I could relate to more than I’d like to admit. 

“Schizophrenia” will be in the Martian Toys booth at New York Comic con for their custom toy show Not Another Skull. For purchase inquiries, please contact them through their website. Or via their Instagram @martiantoys. 

“Vintage J’s”

“Vintage J’s”

Edition of 5.

Handpainted deep purple resin bodies with splashes of green, lavender, white and copper. A flower squirts out the infamous Joker Venom. In one hand, a bling studded knife. In the other, a Joker.

The head is wood. The hair made of twisted metal curls.

They stand about 4 inches tall and come signed on the stand. Each one slightly different and unique.

The set is coming to our booth 1107 at Designer Con. We will be sharing a booth with Mr. Mars Studios. So be ready for a ton of awesome one of kind art toys.

The Joker & Harley

This one of one figure will adorn my Designer Con booth (1107) this year, along with some of my first bigger resin figures. My take on one of the most infamous couples besides Bonnie & Clyde…

The body is resin, hand painted in purples, greens and coppers. The head is burned wood, painted, with jewel skulls for eyes and twisted metal curls. Wire work skulls dance from hand to hand, holding a tiny glass dome. Inside is Harley Quinn, holding a small heart. 

He is sign on the wooden stand and priced at $250. 

I will also have a very limited number of smaller (3.5 inch) Joker figures. And a few solo Harley’s. 

“What’s Your Damage” 8×16

whats your damage 8x16 cu

“What’s Your Damage” is an abstract acrylic and ink on 8×16 canvas. Highly inspired by the soundtrack to the movie Atomic Blonde (which was awesome by the way. Highly recommend you see it if you haven’t”). It is the first painting listed in our art toy shop and can be found here. 

Last day of the vacation!

Our last day in Tahoe…

Started the day over by Echo Lake. The plan was to hike around there. But there was just way too many people.

So we headed over to Fallenleaf Lake instead. 

Buckner knows how to stop in his chair. But when he gets to a little down hill, he turns into Ricky Bobby. He just wants to go fast 🙂 We tried to get video 

Here are some pictures from the day…