Sunday Sunday Sunday….

Can’t seem to relax at all today. Busted out this little 8×8 canvas this morning titled “Filled With Sadness” . The black will tighten up quite a bit as it dries in the California sunshine.

Management is supervising Sunday style…

Gave me some time to finish up a mini wood panel painting of a boxer dog at sunset.

Framed it and posted it up in the shop. It sold in eight minutes, which is a huge compliment as an artist. Especially around the holidays so thank you to the new owner.

Management is now patiently sitting in front of me, staring, which means it must be time for a walk. Happy Sunday everyone!

“Cadence” 10×20

I had decided a few days ago since all my custom orders were complete and everything for Christmas had been shipped that I would finally sit back and relax. I think I officially relaxed for a total of 24 hours before feeling the need the paint again.

Oddly enough, the only time the baby inside me stays still is when I’m painting. Not sure if he feels as calm as I do then. Or if he’s just enjoying the music playing in the background and my bad singing…

“Cadence” 10×20 is in the shop now.

Shop Update today

Last shop update for 2018…

“Newsted” the rainbow chameleon

“When She is Fulfilled” 12×16

“Cocky Heartbreak” 10×20

Free shipping in the U.S.

It’s been a helluva week and I’m calling 2018 done artistically. See you in the new year with plenty of color to come.


Added the last round of hand painted colorful abstract geode pendants for the year in the shop now! Each is $45 with free domestic shipping. And comes in a gift box.

Hand Painted Ornaments…

People have been asking me for years if I would paint ornaments for the holidays. And finally, I got some time to work on a few.

Twelve individual ornaments went up in the shop this morning. A couple are still available. But I also put up a custom option for people who want to order a specific color.

Go check out what is left or get your custom order in soon. I’m probably only going to leave the custom option up another week or so or until my commission list fills.

Designer Con 2018 in the books!

Dcon 2018 is officially over! And my booth partner Mr. Mars Studios and I killed it! We were both slightly intimidated walking into the new Anaheim venue, which was absolutely enormous compared to the old venue in Pasadena.

With the help of a great display and just a whole ton of color, we were able to draw people to the booth. The pairing of our two different styles really seemed to grab people. And Mr. Mars enthusiasm for just about everything is infectious. It is so much less stressful working an event like this with someone not only talented and professional, but genuinely excited about being there and showing off the work. We had a great time and I look forward to topping our performance next year.

I’ve updated the shop with most of the leftovers. And I will continue to do that over the weekend. I’ve also got some new items coming for the holidays (hand painted ornaments, boxer statues and some new boxer art items). Everything should be in by Cyber Monday. Free shipping in the US will continue through the holidays.

“Aurora No.2”

My second painting of the northern lights on matchbook is in the Etsy shop now (direct link to the shop in our menu).

It will come in a black frame with black matte background.