Love, Eleanor

Part of the shop update on June 5th will be a “Love, Eleanor” elephant. I don’t typically sell these myself. Usually the gallery carries them exclusively. So this is definitely a rare opportunity to snag one of these.


Shop Update Update

I’ve mentioned a big shop update coming June 5th a few times now on social media, and that triggered a flood of messages about what is coming. A preview of everything will be released the day before so people can prepare AND so anyone interested in payment plans can message me to arrange that.

There will be dragons, Aurora Bears, a Unicorn Frenchie, a strawberry shortcake Pittie (hopefully a couple Biggie Pitties), a Love Eleanor, a Spermie, some Mini Rainbow Boxer Angels, a customized Unicorno, a customized Meowting ice cream cat, a large cropped ears Female boxer statue and a few bigger marble white boxer rainbow drips. Along with new abstract paints and hopefully a few other surprises mixed in.

Here are some progress pics of the boxers…

Unicorn Frenchie

Had a DIY Fonzo vinyl figure originally by Scott Tolleson that I found in a box in my studio last week. Decided to give it the Unicorn touch. It will be part of the toy drop in my shop on June 5th. One of one. $115 with free shipping in the U.S.

The next big thing…

Found a couple of these hefty marble boxer statues and painted up the first one. This rainbow drip standing white boxer is 5 inches tall and about 6 inches long. Price is $225 with free shipping in the U.S. I’m only painting three of these total at this time.