The Banana Man can

Late night in the studio putting together future Dragon sets when all of a sudden this happens….

And I love it lol

I tell ya, it reminds me of Timothy Olyphant in the movie Girl Next Door. When he comes up with a film idea and says, “How do I get these ideas? It’s like a gift, you know? It’s like I can’t control it.”

He’s not finished but man, I’m just loving the pieces I’m creating lately. Everything feels simple design wise but bursting at the seams with personality.

The Painted Wind

I can’t tell you how great a morning it has been. Last night I had the most brilliant idea just strike me for an upcoming wild west piece I’m planning for Designer Con, to go along with my wooden Saloon Girl series. So I began the day piecing things together and creating this character I had floating around my mind.

And while a rough draft so to speak of that little guy was drying in the California sun, I got back to work on a horse sculpture that I started at least two years ago. Earlier this week I finished the painting and mounting of the horseshoe. But I wasn’t quite sure how to complete the piece. As if over flowing with creativity, the final touches hit me. And I completed all the wire work and flourishes to call the horse ‘done’.

It’s definitely a different direction than my recent work but reminds me of where I first started when I began the art toy adventure. More abstract and original than simply painting a resin figure colorfully. I’m very excited to be back creating from scratch. It doesn’t mean the elephants, giraffes and dragons are all retired. But I’m absolutely going to make sure I don’t venture too far from this new energy that has reinvigorated me as an artist.

Here is The Painted Wind. It is not in the shop. And I’m not sure when it will be.

The Deviant Diver

The Deviant Diver has been in my studio awhile. His first incarnation in 2015 was in my early days of designer toy making, when all the figures just kinda held something like a child with a balloon. He was very popular but never sold.

In 2017 I gave him a re-touch.

Making some adjustments to the paint mostly as my skills had greatly improved. But still he sat in the studio awaiting his forever home.

One of the things that I always felt needed to be addressed in the design was just the sheer weight of the old divers helmet. No matter what adjustments I made in the wirework, the helmet always wanted to drag the figure down.

As I began packing up for the art market tomorrow, it felt time to sit down and do what needed to be done for me to feel proud of this piece. And to be quite honest, I was looking forward to getting back to my roots so to speak with more wood and resin abstract style work. At some point I got caught up painting elephants, giraffes etc and I lost that feeling of creating as an artist.

The Deviant Diver will be at my table tomorrow at the art market. If he doesn’t find a home then, I will add him to the shop Sunday evening.