Management Post Surgery Update

Management had her surgery/lumpdectomy on the 17th. She ended up having three lumps removed total. She is recovering nicely after an initially rocky start adjusting to cone life. Luckily the Intern is on a ‘business trip’ for the holiday weekend so she has the whole house to herself to relax and heal. We are waiting for test results from the vet on the two lumps discovered during her surgery. I am going to continue taking time off from commissions until we get news.

The Butterfly Figures

While Management naps and the Intern is away, I am taking full advantage of ‘free time’ to finish a set of three figures I am setting aside for Dcon. The way things have been going, I will most likely be taking the rest of the year off for health reasons and just finishing up the pieces I will have on display at what may be my final booth at Designer Con this year.

Management Update

If you follow our social media pages, you know that a few weeks back, I discovered a lump on Kona aka Management. We got it checked out and it turned out to be mammory cancer. Luckily after some blood work and x-rays, we were given the good news that the cancer had not spread. And the vet recommended a lumpdectomy. So come February 17th, Kona will be going in for surgery. I hate that it is so many days away and would much prefer just going in already.

I’ve been keeping busy with the Intern in our backyard, making some improvements now that the weather is decent. And doing lots of studio cleaning. Of course, we have been totally spoiling Kona in the mean time. She had her second hamburger today. Which made me realize I don’t know if she’s ever had a puppachino yet. Going to have to knock that off the list of things to do later when the Intern wakes up from his nap.

I appreciate all the messages and well wishes. The sales in the shop too. It will help greatly with this 4k vet bill we wracked up thus far. Some of you have sent stuff to Management, which is always appreciated. I do need to say though that she only has a couple teeth. So soft treats are preferred. I will post an update after the surgery. Until then, I will be packing orders and laying low from social media. Once things are more settled around here, we can get back to the boxer fundraising. I don’t think commissions will be open any time soon honestly. I just have very limited time these days and I want to spend it with my family more.

New Light Box

I have been doing a whole lot of cleaning lately. It’s my stress reliever and it takes the pressure off starting the stack of projects on my studio table for Designer Con later this year.

In that tidying up process I came across a light box I had been gifted at least a year ago, probably more (I can’t gauge time anymore since having a baby. Even though you literally have something you can see aging in front of you at a rapid rate…)

So I decided to finally open the box and get it set up. See if my product photography got any better. I used a butterfly project I have currently on my table as a model. Not bad for the first try but why does every photo seem kinda bland when there isn’t a boxer in it 😉

Baseball Angel

“is this heaven?

No. It’s Iowa,”

My Jacob the baseball Angel figure has returned from a stint at Gallery 1202. Where he suffered some minor damage and need a little repair and tlc. He’s all fixed up now and ready to find a forever home.

Named after my childhood best friend who passed away when we were teens and had his ashes spread at a major league baseball field because he was passionately in love with the game.

It’s hard to let him go but at the same time, I just think he’s meant to help someone else. So he’s in the shop awaiting the next adventure.