Honey Canbot

I finally got to paint up a Czee13 Canbot. I’ve always loved his work. Everyone out there right now seems to have a spray can figure. But his Canbot has always had so much personality. And I love the little details he includes. So I honeyed a few up and here is a look at the first. Three total will come to my booth at Designer Con.

The Extravaganza Has Ended

Well the auction ended last night, closing the books on another year of Buckner’s Extravaganza! This year we had twelve different artists, all female which was unintentional but awesome, and we raised $1800 after some extra donations came in. That translates to 6 wheelchairs for dogs on the wait list at Tyson’s Wonder Wheel for Boxers. Something to try and beat next year when we do this all again.

For now, the winners have been notified and the process of getting out the loot has begun. A huge thank you to all the artists that participated: Coyotes Den Collectibles, BlueRoots Creations, BuckleLuv, Secondhand Boxer Signs, Camp Chloe glass works, Stormi Mountain Artwork. And a huge thank you to the non-professional artists that donated work: Kar, Melanie and Charlene.

Mr. Toad SOLD

I don’t get a lot of likes on social media. To be honest I hate all the social media algorithms, requirements, work, etc. I’d rather just post a picture of my work and if you like it, great. If not, ok 🙂

So it was a nice surprise to see after posting Mr. Toad had sold that I got one very cool like… from Mr. Madl himself, the guy that created this beautiful designer toy figure.

I really love the Madl platform to customize. I have a few more in the studio to paint up down the line. For now, Mr. Toad is on his way to his new home in Alabama.