Rubber Ducky Boxer

Getting prepared for Buckner’s Extravaganza in September. If you don’t know what that is, it’s our biggest boxer event of the year, in honor of my first boxer Buckner. We have an auction and a large shop update. Everything raised in the auction this year will go to support Tyson’s Wonder Wheels. Tyson’s helps people get wheelchairs for free for their mobility impaired dogs. Having a wheelchair is huge for a DM dog, since using the legs is one of the only ways to slow the progression of the disease.

We have ten artists this year, offering a variety of items.

The shop update with all things boxer, will include this Rubber Ducky Boxer. Along with a few other items. Sales in the shop go in my rescue fund, financing my rescue related projects for the next year. I don’t plan on putting a lot of items in the shop. I do want the main focus to be on the auction. And in 2023 I think our fundraising efforts will be a little scaled back. Motherhood is my priority at this point. But I will continue to try and help rescues as best I can with my time.

The Hummingbird

This piece just kinda happened over the weekend. People ask me often, how long does it take to make one piece? And I always say it just depends on how clearly I see it in my head.

I had been wanting to do a hummingbird piece for some time. I had a momma hummingbird set up in my yard and make a nest etc. And it was just an amazing thing to witness the process. Before that if I saw a hummingbird it was a blink and then it was gone. But for weeks I got to just watch her set up for the arrival of eggs.

So I had a flash of what I wanted the color to look like in the early morning hours Thursday (when I was supposed to be sleeping). Friday afternoon I was able to lay down those colors and my mind was blank of how to proceed from there. Then Saturday afternoon, it all just came together. In a matter of six hours I was able to lay down the creation in my mind in three dimensional form.

This is the only one I’m making (though I have some smaller hummingbirds for a Vixen style project down the line). It will be in the etsy shop tomorrow, Sunday sometime in the morning after my son wakes me up.

Unicorn Boxers Fundraiser

I have a soft spot for frosty face senior dogs. This month our fundraiser will be supporting Charlies Foundation. An all breed senior dog rescue that works tirelessly and is often struggling with the medical bills of the dogs it rescues. We will be raffling off four Unicorn Boxers. All funds will go to support Charlies Foundation. Here are the details on how you can support and participate for your chance to win one of these one of kind hand painted figures.

  1. Raffle starts today and will end in one week, so July 13th is the last day to get your tickets. I will announce the winners on Friday, July 15th on our social media pages.
  2. Tickets are: 1 ticket for $5, 7 tickets for $25 and 13 tickets for $50.
  3. to enter, paypal Charlies at Include Unicorn Boxer and the letter of the one you are hoping to win (A, B, C OR D) You can Venmo @charliesfoundation if you don’t PayPal.
  4. send me a message with how many tickets you got and which boxer you are trying to win (A, B, C OR D). You can send me a screenshot but I don’t need any personal details or financial information.
  5. Share our facebook post about the fundraiser and get one free entry each time you do it. Make sure the privacy on the post is set to public otherwise I won’t know that you shared it.

Here is a closer look at each figure. They are hand painted boxers made of resin. They stand about 3.5 inches tall. Each with silver wings and a silver horn. I only painted five of these ever. And these are the last four. They will not be available for purchase in my shop ever.

Night, Night Dragons

Finished these little beauties last week. Since my son is obsessed with saying goodnight to everything, it seemed only fitting to call them “Night, Night Dragons”. This Midnight sky colorway is an edition of two. I’m trying with the idea of doing a few in a galaxy colorway down the road.

Fyi these guys sold out immediately, due to our VIP dragon list. To get on the VIP dragon list, just message me through our social media pages. It doesn’t cost anything and simply means you get notified and first dibs on any dragon creations.

Aurora Northern Lights

My obsession with the northern lights and polar bears continues with this one of kind wood sculpture. This piece took almost a year to complete and see the final visual in my head of what I wanted it to look like in the end. I’m really smitten with the way it turned out. It’s in the shop now. I will be doing a big shop update here soon and making an announcement on Designer Con in the next week or so.

“Funeral Arrangement”

“Funeral Arrangement” 5×5 ink and watercolor on board

The Uvalde shooting hit me hard. I have a kid and anything involving children being hurt or dying just wrecks me. And being from a law enforcement background, hearing the police waited in the hallway for as long as they did…it was a lot to process. I think I’ve been doubting a lot as an artist for months now but the last few weeks certainly felt like what is the f**king point? Honestly…

I create art to try and bring some beauty into the world and leave something behind. And it seems like what we care about most at this given moment as a people, is ourselves. And guns. There’s this side and there’s that side and no one can find a middle ground or just the ability to understand and love. So here I am painting and creating and we’re all just angry and upset. I know I am. I’m pissed the Supreme Court overturned Roe. I’m pissed people hear gun control and think it means all guns are being taken away. I’m pissed the Republicans keep saying thoughts and prayers and the Democrats just keep saying vote. I’m pissed we can’t just let gay people marry. And trans people just be. I’m pissed our leaders do nothing but talk and plot their re-election.

“Funeral Arrangement” is all that anger on top of all the beauty I know is still here. Riddled in bullet holes.