Boxer Art Gallery

“I got my first boxer dog in 2007. About a year or so later we decided to get a second boxer. We adopted her from NorCal Boxer Rescue. The whole experience of finding her and bringing her into the home was just wonderful. She was just a little love bug. But…she was very dog reactive. So she got along with her brother but pretty much, that was it. Meaning we couldn’t get further involved with rescue doing fostering like my husband and I had discussed.

So I started trying to come up with a way that I could incorporate helping rescue into my work. I had already started using my boxers in photographs of my abstract paintings, because it helped people get an idea of the size/scale of my work. Plus it gave me an excuse to post more pictures of my dogs which I think all dog owners know, it really doesn’t take much to get us to share pics of our dogs.

I started to get a lot of comments from boxer lovers about the dogs, aka Management. And that quickly transitioned to doing paintings with boxers. And as those grew in popularity, I started reaching out to rescues about donating part of my shop proceeds each month. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear back from most rescues I reached out to. I started offering custom work to rescues for people that donated over certain amounts to the rescue. That seemed to be more enticing. And then came the statues…

My first painted boxer statue that I auctioned raised like $200. I think the second was $250. That’s when our followers started growing and rescues returned my emails.

So my first year really in business, we raised a little over a $1000 for rescue throughout the year. I remember thinking oh, wow! that’s amazing….But in 2021, we raised over $20k for over a dozen rescues. My goal is to continue to beat my totals each year. And to try and get more artists involved in our rescue auction in September.”–ACP

We are all about the boxer breed here. We have a large selection of unique boxer art in our shop. We also donate artwork to boxer rescues for fundraising throughout the year. If you are with rescue, feel free to reach out and get on our calendar.

Check out our facebook page for Management Monday. Our surprise one day auctions where we offer up something super special that is boxer related.

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