2023 Boxer Fundraising Schedule and In Person Events

Boxer Rescue Fundraising

Our Boxer Rescue fundraising events for 2022 are over! We raised $17,238.60 this year. We are starting 2023 on hiatus. We have not added any boxer rescue events officially other than the two listed below much later in the year. Stay tuned.

September: “Buckner’s Extravaganza” ! This event, named after my boxer boy Buckner who inspired me to become involved in boxer rescue, is held on September 21st at 8am. I have not chosen the rescue we are supporting yet. But if you are an artist interested in participating this year please email me at 

October: Carolina Boxer Rescue donation for Boxer Bash. I have at least two statues I am painting for this that were donated by a generous supporter of CBR.

In Person Events/Booths

Designer Con December 15-17Anaheim, CA.

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