Sunday Art Markets are the last Sunday of the month. We will have a table packed with art inside the 6th Street Studios.

Buckner’s Extravaganza” is an Etsy shop update of epic proportions! Happening September 21st at 8am Pacific time. A ton of brand new boxer art will flood the shop. Including statues of all sizes, wall art and original paintings. The success of this event will fund our rescue artwork for 2022. We have invited some other artists to participate in an auction as well. So this second annual Buck event should be awesome! Stay tuned for more details

If you are an artist interested in creating a boxer art related piece to help raise money for boxer rescue, please email me at 

Designer Con November 12-14 2021 Anaheim, CA.

We will be hosting our own booth this year! We plan on having some exclusive Pitties, boxed dragon sets, our signature wood blockhead figures and much, much more to fill the booth. More details to come as we approach the event.

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