2022 Boxer Fundraising Schedule and In Person Events

Boxer Rescue Fundraising

January: Lllano Animal Rescue auction donation, Carolina Boxer Rescue donation (details TBA)

February: vacation

March: Muddy Boxer Fundraiser for Boxer Luv Rescue

April: Team Leo Fundraiser Artist Boxer Fundraiser

May: Norcal Boxer Rescue “Petey” Fundraiser, Deaf Dogs Rescue of America Cookie Fundraiser and Great Lakes Boxer Rescue Auction donation

June: Copper Beauty statue raffle for Carolina Boxer Rescue

July: Black Tie Boston Terrier Rescue donation (details TBA), Unicorn Boxers for Charlies Foundation

August: Austin Boxer Rescue, Green Acres Boxer Rescue donation (Boxer Bash auction items in September)

September: “Buckner’s Extravaganza” is back in 2022! This event, named after my boxer boy Buckner who inspired me to become involved in boxer rescue, is held on September 21st at 8am. This year we will be doing the auction only, featuring artwork from various artists and supporting Tysons Wonder Wheels. Which helps people get wheelchairs for their dogs to help in their battle with DM. If you are an artist interested in creating a boxer art related piece to help raise money for boxer rescue, please email me at 

October: Carolina Boxer Rescue donation for Boxer Bash

November: R&R Boxer Rescue

December: TBD

In Person Events/Booths

Designer Con November 18-20 2022 Anaheim, CA. After not attending in 2021 due to covid concerns, I am very excited to be hosting my own booth in 2022. I know I will have Honey Pitties, our signature wood blockhead figures and much, much more to fill the booth. More details to come as we approach the event.

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