Abstract Paintings Gallery

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“I’ve painted off and on throughout my life. It’s something I have always enjoyed. When I moved to midnights during my days as a 911 dispatcher, I was having a very hard time sleeping. My shift was 1a-11am and I tried everything to get my body accustomed to the hours. But nothing was working for me. I just felt so tired and in a fog all the time. And I was always so worried about being focused and awake for the job, not making mistakes.

Emotionally that took a toll as well. I picked up a paint brush again for the first time in several years, and just started painting to clear my head so to speak after my shifts. It was relaxing and it was the only way to come down after a shift it felt like. So slowly but surely my walls started to become covered in my work. I had never thought about selling them. It was just cathartic to me and important to my mental health.

At some point, people started to ask about the paintings and if I would consider selling any. It took a long time to agree to sell one. And even after I said yes and ‘Cherry Blossoms’ was out the door, I was sick to my stomach for days after. I felt like a piece of me was gone.

I still get that feeling that part me goes with each painting sold but now its a happy feeling that I get to share my work with people. Especially when I have people reach out and say how the work touched them or spoke to them.” –ACP

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